Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Launching Today (Wednesday) At...

After more than a year of planning, reading top 10 loudest bluetooth speakers review, filming, editing and polishing, will be launching today at 10am EST / 3pm GMT.

As you know, we've had some last minute bugs and they are all to do with our online flashlight screen and integrating Paypal and Amex as a payment option. Unfortunately, we haven't resolved that so we'll be launching without the option to pay via those two methods.  What does this mean?

Nothing if you use Visa or Mastercard - you'll be able to join today.

We will be integrating Paypal and Amex very shortly and hopefully they will be fully functioning by the end of next week.  But please accept my apologies if you only have access to Amex and want to join right now - I know it must be frustrating having to wait.

Please check at 10am EST / 3pm GMT and REFRESH your Internet browser.  If you don't hit REFRESH you'll just keep seeing the old page.

You'll be able to browse the videos on the site and get a really good feel for it before joining.

One last thing!!

Don't forget our early bird incentives! We're giving away 18 chances for your artwork to be critiqued if you join in the next 3 days. To be entered into the draw, all you have to do is sign up and upload some of your artwork into your own personal gallery.

(If you want to sign up using Amex or Paypal we realise you won't be able to qualify for these incentives, so once we get the glitch sorted we'll send out an email and from everyone that signs up that day, we'll pick 5 people to get their work critiqued.)

I hope to see you on the other side later today!

Monday, July 23, 2012

ArtTutor Launching This Wednesday

Argh!  A few gremlins over the weekend means that we've had to delay the launch of until Wednesday.

We'll send an e-mail the moment we're live.  Don't forget the early bird incentives - 18 chances to a win a critique of your work by one of our tutors if you join in the first 3 days.

We'll send an email to everyone on our Priority Notification list tomorrow with confirmation of the launch time on Wednesday and then again when we go live.

Exciting times ahead, and this really is just the start!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daisy Backgrounds - Watercolour Lesson by Sian Dudley

So we're imminently approaching the launch of (this coming Monday unless last minute testing throws us a curve ball).

One of the first artists Phil approached to work with us at ArtTutor was Sian Dudley (actually, it was both Sian and her husband Rob, who are two of the country's top watercolour instructors in my opinion).

Sian and Rob have produced about 20 very comprehensive watercolour lessons for us, which we'll be releasing on ArtTutor between now and October.  I thought you might like to see a sample lesson from Sian, who is very much a 'botanical' watercolourist.

Below is part 1 of 2 from her 'Daisy Backgrounds' lesson.  I'm sure you'll agree, it's a stunning image and is actually two lessons for the price of one.

We'll add part 2 to in time for the launch on Monday, along with some other lessons from Sian and Rob.  Enjoy...

Priority Notification List
Last chance to get on this list.  You'll need to be on it to hear about the launch time next week and to be in with a chance of winning an early bird incentive.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions is launching Monday 23rd July.  One week from now you'll be able to sign up to one of the largest online art tuition libraries on the Internet!

Before we get into our FAQs, here's another little video to whet your appetite:

When is ArtTutor launching?
Barring any last minute glitches, we'll be launching a week today - Monday 23rd July.  We'll send an e-mail as soon as we go live.

How much does ArtTutor cost?
ArtTutor costs USD $14.95 per month, $74 for 6 months (a month free) or $129 for the year (a saving of $50).  
  • In Euros, the cost is approximately: EUR 12 per month, 60 for 6 months or 105 for the year.
  • In British Pounds, the cost is approximately: GBP £9.60 per month, £47 for 6 months or £83 for the year.
  • In Australian Dollars, the cost is approximately: AUD $15 per month, $75 for 6 months or $130 for the year.  

With the monthly option, is there a minimum amount of time I have to sign up for?
You can cancel the monthly option at any time and you'll be able to access ArtTutor until the date your billing cycle was set to renew.  In effect, the minimum time you can subscribe for is 30 days. 

How can you watch videos?
We like to make things as simple as possible so all our videos are click and play - just like YouTube. You can't download them, but you can watch them anywhere on any device (that includes iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones).

Every video is available in low, standard, or high definition to cater for differing Internet connection speeds.  If you are able to watch YouTube videos without them stuttering, our videos shouldn't be an issue for you either.

What should I expect from your videos?
All the videos will be categorised on the website according to medium, subject matter, and difficulty. All the videos either have a materials list or mention the materials in the video, and we try and provide downloadable reference material where possible.

We provide demonstrations across all ability levels as well as our foundation courses.

We try to make every video between 20 and 30 minutes long. For demonstrations that are longer than half an hour, we split the video into parts so you can follow along in bite-size chunks.

What about the monthly challenges?
We will be running 12 challenges per month (one per medium, and six for our most popular subject matter). The prize will be $50 (or equivalent in your currency) to spend at your favourite online art store and there will be one winner per challenge.

The difference between our monthly challenges on and the challenge we ran on the blog is that we're going to ask you to write a little self-critique on your image. We think this is a great way to help you improve.

When we judge the winners, we won't just choose the best, but we'll look at your critique and see what you learnt from the whole process, so even if you're not a budding Turner or Monet, there's no excuse!

Is just foundation courses?
No. We think it's really important that you have a good knowledge of the basics so our foundation courses are designed to do just that. They should be your first port of call before you progress to some of our more advanced demonstrations.

So together with our foundation courses, we will be launching with over 40 individual demonstrations and updating the site with another 40 demonstrations by the end of August alone.

How can I get my painting critiqued?
We will run a page on the forum asking for critiques each month. Critiques are free, but we can only select a limited number of images.  Even so, we'll choose images from different members each month so you have the best chance to be selected.

Will you be offering a money back guarantee?
For the 6 month and 12 month membership options, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.  We can't offer a guarantee on the monthly option but you can cancel at any time so that the most you risk is the cost of one month's subscription.

Early Bird Incentives
We're really excited about and we can't wait to share all our videos with you. We also know that there are some people who are as excited as we are and to show our appreciation, we're going to have some early bird incentives for people who sign up in the first three days.

On day one we'll pick 10 people out of everyone who signs up and then uploads some of their own artwork into the online gallery. Those 10 will get a personal critique of their artwork from one of our professional tutors.

One day two we'll pick 5 people, and on day three we'll pick 3 people.

What next? will be launching Monday 23rd July.

When the site launches you'll be able to create a user account and sign up.  If you're reading this it probably means you're on our Priority Notification List because we've only emailed people on that list.  If you were sent this link by a friend you can add yourself to the list below...

Priority Notification List
As part of the build up, we'll be posting lots of free goodies on this blog. Make sure miss nothing by adding yourself to the Priority Notification List below:
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About ArtTutor

Membership Options
When you join you get access to every video lesson across all the mediums and the private forums.  The lessons, workshops, and courses are there for you 24/7, on demand.

Option #1 - Monthly Subscription
You'll be able to join on a month-to-month basis, the same as gym membership for example.  The cost is less than a typical evening art class - USD $14.95 per month (approx: GBP £9.50 or EUR €12.30).

You can cancel at any time - there is no minimum commitment beyond a month.  As with any subscription, your membership will automatically renew each month unless you cancel... and we make it very easy for you to cancel (just a couple of obvious mouse clicks) should you want to.   

Option #2 - Annual Subscription
For those that want to join for the year, there's a big saving (in effect you get 3 months for free).  Think of this as taking out a subscription to an art magazine for the year.  We offer a 30-day refund on annual subscriptions. 

Launch Date
We're hoping to confirm the exact date in the next few days but it will be in July.

We're going to have some great early bird incentives for people who sign up in the first few days, but we'll only be notifying people about the launch if they're on the Priority Notification List, so be sure to add yourself to that if you haven't done so already (no commitment - you're just putting your hand up to say you're interested).

Have a question?  Please ask in the comments box below and we'll put a another post together answering them all.

Priority Notification List
I hope you enjoyed this video. It's just one of dozens you'll find on, due to launch in July. 

As part of the build up, we'll be posting lots of free goodies on this blog. Make sure miss nothing by adding yourself to the Priority Notification List below:
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Launch Challenge Winners Announced!!

So the deadline has passed and the time has come to announce the winners of our three challenges.

But before we get round to that, we just want to say a big thank you to everyone who entered - my inbox was flooded with some fantastic pictures, and it was a real pleasure to sit down and go through everyone's artwork to choose some winners!

It was also a real encouragement to read some of your comments and hear how our videos are already helping you to improve.

We have four galleries of images, so be sure to check them out to find your image!

And now... drum roll please... It's time to announce the winners!

Challenge #1: Movement

 Ana Murza
 Lydie Pieplu
Vijayendra Acharya

Challenge #2: Watercolour Line and Wash
We had so many entries to this challenge that we found it impossible to choose just three winners, so we decided to choose four instead!
 Pam Taylor
Dhrubajyoti Sarmah Mazumder

Alan Berry

Pierrette Desrochers

Challenge #3: Using a Palette Knife

 Jan Husada
 Karole Moore
Pierre Privat

Thanks again to everyone who entered! At ArtTutor we believe that having a goal to work towards is really important, so if you didn't win this time, don't worry, keep trying!

We will be running monthly competitions on in each medium we feature, covering all subject matter to make sure there's something for everyone!

Keep an eye on the blog to find out more about the launch - stay tuned tomorrow when we'll be telling you exactly what the site will be like and what it's going to cost!

The winning images are on our and all the entries are on our .

You can also keep updated about .