Monday, July 2, 2012

Watercolour Foundation Course Outline

Available in this July
By Bob Davies

Video 1 - What are watercolour paints?
Video 2 - Choosing and using brushes
Video 3 - Buying or making your own palette
Video 4 - A guide to watercolour paper
Video 5 - How to stretch watercolour paper
Video 5 - Other essential equipment
Video 6 - Working flat vs inclined
Video 7 - Activating watercolour paint
Video 8 - Brushstrokes and mark making
Video 9 - Mix on your palette or on the surface?
Video 10 - What is colour shift?
Video 11 - All about washes
Video 12 - The variegated wash
Video 13 - The wet in wet technique
Video 14 - Avoiding cauliflowers and watery blooms
Video 15 - Layering
Video  16 - Lifting out
Video 17 - Using negative shapes
Video 18 - The dry brush technique
Video 19 - The colour wheel
Video 20 - Hues, tints, shades and tones
Video 21 - Colour mixing
Video 22 - Avoiding mud
Video 23 - Tonal value and tonal contrast
Video 24 - Ariel perspective
Video 25 - The monochrome exercise
Video 26 - The tonal sketch
Video 27 - A sample watercolour landscape
Video 28 - Using sponges
Video 30 - Spattering technique
Video 31 - An introduction to pen and wash
Video 32 - All about glazing

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  1. Deborah Ettien

    How much are you going to be charging for the foundation courses?

  2. Anonymous

    Ditto, what are you charging for the different courses. They look very interesting? GIlian

  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    how much are the foundation courses as there is no info ?

  5. Anonymous

    , can;t see vidoes ,and how much for all this ?

  6. I couldn't open the videos also & would like to know the cost

  7. Anonymous

    I would like to know the cost too and I could not open any of the sample videos

  8. Anonymous

    Very interested in the foundation course; is it accredited? Are there any advanced course to follow? and more importantly, how much is it?

  9. Loved the video using salt. Can hardly wait to begin the course.

  10. Filip Dendauw

    Where can i buy these foundation courses, very interesting!

  11. Hi Bob, I have watched the Video's and have truly found that they are very interesting, I am on Oxygen 24/7 so I don't go out much also Im on a limited budget . Truly Mike.

  12. paswin

    On the basis of the duration of the sample, I reckon about 5 DVD's for the course. The first seven videos can be covered (and are) in every course , book and video on the market, so need only be short. From my point of view only the last 10 would be of interest and then only if the price is right.

  13. These foundation courses are not sold as individual courses - they will all be accessible excludively within ArtTutor. We'll be giving more details about ArtTutor including how you can become a member and the price in an email next week

    1. iuliana

      Hi , Phil , i like very much all videos , and i want to start lessons , please let me know , how do I subscribe to this , ? thank you very much

  14. Anonymous

    very interested but need to know the cost..Thanks

  15. Anonymous

    I could not veiw the video's, would have like to have seen them. Janice

  16. Anonymous

    The courses sound exciting but I can't open the video.

  17. paswin

    to those who can't open the video,try clicking on the video highlighted in GREEN. You only get one sample !

  18. Anonymous

    Ok Phil, looking forward to hear about the way its going to go on. I find it very interesting, and after having been painting for 1 year+, I have soooo much to learn :o)Say hallo to Bob..
    best wishes, Birgit

  19. rob barrie I also am very interested in the new Art Tutor. I'm retired and have only been painting for about 9 months. My biggest problem is how to convert a photo into a creatively designed painting. I'm learning some great stuff from 'Watercolour Secrets' Thanks Bob.

  20. Bob's videos are great. I've wanted to purchase them for a long time - I like everything he has made :)

  21. Anonymous

    I could not watch the videos and wish to know the cost before registering.

  22. Anonymous

    I really enjoy the lessons regarding watercolor, they have been a great help to me....Thank you

  23. Helen

    Having already bought the Watercolour Secrets DVDs is there anything in this course which is new material?

  24. Anonymous

    vorrei sapere il costo del corso signor Bob grazie, quello di acquerello

  25. Anonymous


  26. Anonymous

    I would like to know the cost.

  27. Bill G

    I too was wondering how the W/C course relates to Watercolor Secrets Course. Is it advisable to do both or is the ArtTutor more comprehensive and thus covers it all?

    I am very pleased at the way you all operate - so informative,low pressure, and very organized and informative. As you are in the throes of launching something new, and soon - you must be laughing at my calling you organized, as with most people getting something off the ground, you probably do not feel organized :) When the curtain goes up - you'll be ready.

  28. Anonymous

    thank you so much for the invitation to join the foundation course, maybe for the year???
    Watercolor being the medium I favour, Landscape/Seascape
    Many thanks for making this course available,

  29. Bill G

    Smart idea using YouTube as the vehicle to deliver videos, but I have to ask this, even though I am sure that the answer is no....Can I just go to YouTube directly and see all these great videos? There must be a restriction somehow where only registered students have access.

  30. hi bob im looking forward to this art tutor i got you videos a couple of years ago and loved them .so i know this new idea will be very interesting and instructive and a great follow on from your videos /dvds .

  31. I would like to know the average length of the videos; also what size the presentation screen will be (I wear reading glasses and will need a much larger screen than the demo screens); also, will you be providing a materials list for each course? Thanks ... the offer sounds really interesting, especially since I am in need of beginner everything!

  32. How do I subscibe to this and how much is it?

  33. I am not understanding how this works.

  34. Can't wait for artutor!!

  35. Looks great, when can we sign up for the annual subscription and how much will that be?

  36. Anonymous

    For some reason the sample videos on my PC keep stopping every few seconds to buffer which is very frustrating. If the course videos do the same it would be impossible to watch and learn. Is this because they are small samples shown on youtube and would the full course video's play better? Or do I need to download anything on my PC to make them run better? I have the W/Colour and Acrylic Secret videos and love them but they play on individual DVD's.

  37. Anonymous

    As a beginner, and rather a slow learner, I see that you can't download the videos. In this case, once my subscription lapses (after a year probably), does this mean I can't watch them any more?


    1. Hi Bridget,

      You can't download videos, but you can watch them as many times as you like once you have subscribed. We will be updating the site constantly with new demonstrations and tutorials so you might even want to stick around a little longer!!!