Monday, July 2, 2012

Pastels Foundation Course Oultine

Available in this July
By Michael Howley

Video 2 - Storing your pastels
Video 3 - A guide to pastel papers
Video 4 - Mark making with pastels
Video 5 - Blending and layering
Video 6 - Lifting out
Video 7 - Colour mixing (part 1)
Video 8 - Colour mixing (part 2)
Video 9 - Tonal value and contrast
Video 10 - A sample landscape study
Video 11 - Using fixative

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  1. I managed to view a brilliant tutorial yesterday on this site on portrait painting with pastels (it was an old lady) I can not find the link again to view it, can anyone help? I have sent an email to Bob Davies and Phil Davies but not had a response yet and I really want to watch it again before I go out and buy the (quite expensive I think) pastel pencils.

  2. Anonymous

    The only video I have seen with an old woman is the one on colored pencils. That is listed in the June 2012 section.Don,t know if this helps but good luck.

  3. Anonymous

    When will the rest of the videos be available?

  4. Anonymous

    did you check your "history" and return to the site that way?look at the day you were viewing the work. History is next to the favorites. some of us clear history every time but I like to save it just for this reason. D