Monday, July 2, 2012

Oil Painting Foundation Course Outline

Available in this July
By Bob Davies

Video 1 - What are oil paints?
Video 2 - Choosing and using brushes
Video 3 - Oil painting palettes
Video 4 - A guide to oil painting surfaces
Video 5 - Other essential equipment
Video 6 - Using a palette knife
Video 7 - Choosing an easel
Video 8 - How to set up your workspace
Video 8 - A guide to oil painting additives and mediums
Video 9 - Activating and layering oil paint
Video 10 - Mix on your palette or on the surface?
Video 11 - Priming and tinting your surface
Video 12 - Brushstrokes and mark making
Video 15 - The colour wheel
Video 16 - Hues, tints, shades and tones
Video 17 - Colour mixing
Video 18 - Tonal value and contrast 
Video 19 - Ariel perspective
Video 20 - The monochrome exercise
Video 21 - The tonal sketch
Video 22 - Acrylics watercolour style
Video 23 - Acrylics oils style
Video 24 - Acrylics impasto style
Vide0 26 - Glazing & scumbling
Video 27 - Scratching out
Video 28 - An introduction to water soluble oils  

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  1. Anonymous

    Looking forward to the course since I am about to try oils for the first time. I already have purchased your CD series for both Acrylics and Watercolours. Would love to have a similar CD set for Oil painting for beginners.
    Many thanks Bob.
    A great fan in Canada

  2. Anonymous

    I am interested only in watercolours and drawing. Will I have access 24/7 to only these interests of choice or will such access be for specific courses that may be other than these?

  3. Anonymous

    Is this a free site or do I have to join to be able to access these wonderful artists?I have purchased the Acrylics Painting Secrets Vol 1 & 2, great ideas. Thanks Bob, have gained a lot from these. Highly recommended.