Monday, July 2, 2012

Drawing Foundation Course Outline

Available in this July
By Bob Davies

Video 1 - A quick guide to pencils
Video 2 - Paper surfaces
Video 3 - Sharpening your pencils
Video 4 - Other common drawing media
Video 5 - Holding the pencil and varying pressure
Video 6 - Mark making 
Video 7 - Hatching and cross hatching
Video 8 - Basic shading and blending
Video 9 - Lifting out with the eraser
Video 11 - Tracing an image or a photo
Video 12 - Using the grid system
Video 13 - Scaling up and down
Video 14 - Creating a measure and dealing with proportion
Video 15 - Measuring angle lines
Video 16- Using negative space
Video 17 - What is sight size?
Video 18 - How to make your drawings look 3 dimensional
Video 19 - Drawing and shading a sphere
Vide0 20 - Tonal value and contrast
Video 21 - Counter change
Video 22 - The vanishing point
Video 23 - Adjusting the eyeline and viewpoint
Video 24 - 1,2 and 3 point perspective
Video 25 - The importance of a focal point
Video 26 - The rule of thirds
Video 27 - Odd numbers are better
Video 28 - The golden ratio
Video 29 - Quiet and busy areas
Video 30 - Creating a path for the eye

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  1. Hi Bob
    Where is the video you mentioned in the above mate?

  2. Anonymous

    John Pullinger .... click on video 10 above.

  3. Anonymous

    Where is the video for Drawing Foundation Course? Please let me know how I can find it Thank you

  4. Anonymous

    We only get the one video?

  5. Anonymous

    I like the way you approach drawing with the five basic shapes. This is exactly how I teach my elementary age art students to begin their drawings. It is always a challenge to get them to see the overall shapes and not the details.

  6. Anonymous

    What about all the other videos? Why can we only watch one? I really enjoyed and appreciated the one that we were able to watch, but I really would like it more if we could watch the others as well!

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing the other videos in this course.
    Great work . Thanks

  8. Do we have to pay or subscribe somewhere to see the other videos?

  9. Anonymous

    Theres no video 10 on my screen how do I see the video

  10. Anonymous

    No video...

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks for the wonderful video Bob. I like how
    you explain things. You just saved me, as a
    beginner years of frustration! Looking forward
    to launch of the website & can't wait to take your
    drawing course. Thanks Art Tutor for the emails
    and free lesson!

  12. Thank you for the nice useful video .

  13. Hallo there, and best regards from Sweden! :D It´s just fantastic to be able to enjoy artistic education this way - and it¨s a fabulous complement to the DVD-courses in WaterColor and Acrylics! Thank you so much! :D //Anette Douglasdotter.

  14. Bill G

    This whole ArtTutor idea is ingenius! Kudo's to the videographers and editors. Unlike some art videos, you do not allow us to miss a single important mark and you still show enough of the instructor to give it all a nice warm and personal feel.

  15. Anonymous

    I have been following Art Tutor and have been looking forward to the launch. BUT was very disappointed to see that we have to subscribe to see the videos. Was under the assumption these videos were going to be free. Nothing was previously mentioned to inform us we had to subscribe until now. Potential customers should have been made aware of this earlier, not 10 days before the launch. It sounded like a really helpful idea for those of us who cannot pay for lessons. Bev. Western Australia.