Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daisy Backgrounds - Watercolour Lesson by Sian Dudley

So we're imminently approaching the launch of (this coming Monday unless last minute testing throws us a curve ball).

One of the first artists Phil approached to work with us at ArtTutor was Sian Dudley (actually, it was both Sian and her husband Rob, who are two of the country's top watercolour instructors in my opinion).

Sian and Rob have produced about 20 very comprehensive watercolour lessons for us, which we'll be releasing on ArtTutor between now and October.  I thought you might like to see a sample lesson from Sian, who is very much a 'botanical' watercolourist.

Below is part 1 of 2 from her 'Daisy Backgrounds' lesson.  I'm sure you'll agree, it's a stunning image and is actually two lessons for the price of one.

We'll add part 2 to in time for the launch on Monday, along with some other lessons from Sian and Rob.  Enjoy...

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow Sian . It's really butiful paint . I can't wait for the next lesson. thank you for sharing your talent . I loved what you did.
    Jinan from Iraq

  2. Sian, Thanks for the great demo. What a start! My wife's favorite flower is the daisy so I'll be set to paint her a masterpiece once I see part two. LOL

    Jim P

  3. Anonymous

    Wonderful....absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to join and see your second part and those of other artists.

    Donna from Canada

  4. Great tutorial! Especially treating the same subject in two different ways side by side.

    Waiting for the part 2.

  5. Anne Porretta

    Inspirational tutorial . . . can't wait to join and see part 2!

  6. Another great demonstration to wet our appetites. Loved it!

  7. Anonymous

    I have now watched the clip with Sian and I love her way of painting. She has such a happy personality, and she paints so beautifully! Will there be a DVD of her to buy? and there will be some reference images or line drawings? I would like some more information when it comes to the brush size and whether it is a synthetic, mix or real hair. Kind regards Sofia

  8. Absolutely stunning, and so clearly explained. Thanks for sharing this lovely lesson.

  9. met you on thursday at Waterperry. white flower info a great help thank you. loved the lesson can't wait for more

  10. Thank you Sian, for a wonderful demonstration. As soon as I saw your paintings at the top of this page I fell in love with them. Looking so forward to more.
    Bebie, Queensland, Australia

  11. I ditto Bebie's reply.. LOVED !!!! that demonstration. You paint Exactly how I want to, loose colorful & spontaneous.. Thank you very much for the lesson..

  12. Heather Neame

    Hi there,Wonderful demo - liked it better than Joanne Boon - although hers was good - this was better. Any chance of DVD'S??

  13. Great Painting -enjoyed it and look forward to part 2 ,GREAT TEACHING.
    Nancy Conrad

  14. Anonymous

    Vuestros videos son fantasticos, pero no están subtitulados :(

  15. Hei! Daisy backgrounds!! Beautiful!!! Thanks so much!!! Berit

  16. Anonymous

    Wheres the second part????

  17. Anonymous

    thanks, I loved this lesson, very well done.

  18. Thank you very much for the lesson..