Monday, July 23, 2012

ArtTutor Launching This Wednesday

Argh!  A few gremlins over the weekend means that we've had to delay the launch of until Wednesday.

We'll send an e-mail the moment we're live.  Don't forget the early bird incentives - 18 chances to a win a critique of your work by one of our tutors if you join in the first 3 days.

We'll send an email to everyone on our Priority Notification list tomorrow with confirmation of the launch time on Wednesday and then again when we go live.

Exciting times ahead, and this really is just the start!


  1. Well, Phil and Bob, I'm here to sign up. Will start by the month, BUT, what's important is that I'm sure you have many people who are not only excited, but READY to give you money so they can get started! What a blessing this whole venture is for all concerned - for you and for US.

  2. Thank you Deb, what a really nice thing to take the time to say. Hopefully, we'll see you on the 'inside' on Wednesday!

  3. Hello Deb, I think excited is a good word. I don't know how many times I logged into Art Tutor yesterday. Being in Australia (9 hours ahead) I couldn't be sure of the exact time for the sign-up, but should have realised we would receive notice about it.

    Hello Phil and Bob, gremlins can be good ... it's given me even more time to delight in Sian's Part 1 painting lesson and learning from Bob and Joanne's DVDs.

    Even though I'm slow at getting paintings done, it'll be a great journey, and as you've said Deb, a blessing.


  4. Definitely looking forward to this whenever it comes on line. I so enjoy what I have seen from your DVDs and YouTube that the wait is just making me more eager to see what you have.

  5. Gremlins ! Rather you have them than us eh! Joining your list of people waiting with baited breath. If something is worth having, it's worth waiting for, so however long it takes to kick those gremlins into touch , so be it . Thanks for all your hard work. Liz

  6. The line is getting longer! Who says the only countdown happening this week is 'just' in London for the Olympics? I own one of your DVD sets and I must say that your easy, laid back style of teaching is a great motivator to get going and keep going! Having a team of professional artists, building an online library for access anytime and most of all, the passion of sharing your knowledge with the world is some package! I was blown away by the idea from the first email about this launch. Tomorrow, well, tomorrow is like Christmas for a child. Thank you Bob, Phil and all of your team. ~Debra

  7. Thanks for all the kind comments folks.

    It's really frustrating that we can't go with the original launch date, but it almost seems to be a pre-requisite that with a new internet site, those darn gremlins wait to strike just as you're ready to go.

    It's Phil who's had to deal with most of it, poor lad, but he's more than up to the task and we want to get it right for everybody - hence the slight delay.

    As for me, It's been a real pleasure to meet and work with so many talented artists and I know that having this fantastic pool of talent available is going to inspire all of you out there and lift your own efforts to levels you never believed possible.

    Keep the faith, thanks for your patience and your continued - and much appreciated - support.



  8. It's great to read all the comments and see so many others as excited as I about this launch. It's clear that Bob and the staff are dedicated to offering us all a top notch product, and no doubt they will do just that!!

  9. Anonymous

    Looking forward to it on this side of the pond as well. I've got several friends I'm prepared to fire off an e-mail to once the site kicks off. If the classes are as good as the watercolor DVDs I've purchased from you in the past Bob, it will be well worth the investment.

    Barry D.

  10. Hi there. I was woundering if in the future you would be doing any courses for digital painting?