Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About ArtTutor

Membership Options
When you join you get access to every video lesson across all the mediums and the private forums.  The lessons, workshops, and courses are there for you 24/7, on demand.

Option #1 - Monthly Subscription
You'll be able to join on a month-to-month basis, the same as gym membership for example.  The cost is less than a typical evening art class - USD $14.95 per month (approx: GBP £9.50 or EUR €12.30).

You can cancel at any time - there is no minimum commitment beyond a month.  As with any subscription, your membership will automatically renew each month unless you cancel... and we make it very easy for you to cancel (just a couple of obvious mouse clicks) should you want to.   

Option #2 - Annual Subscription
For those that want to join for the year, there's a big saving (in effect you get 3 months for free).  Think of this as taking out a subscription to an art magazine for the year.  We offer a 30-day refund on annual subscriptions. 

Launch Date
We're hoping to confirm the exact date in the next few days but it will be in July.

We're going to have some great early bird incentives for people who sign up in the first few days, but we'll only be notifying people about the launch if they're on the Priority Notification List, so be sure to add yourself to that if you haven't done so already (no commitment - you're just putting your hand up to say you're interested).

Have a question?  Please ask in the comments box below and we'll put a another post together answering them all.

Priority Notification List
I hope you enjoyed this video. It's just one of dozens you'll find on, due to launch in July. 

As part of the build up, we'll be posting lots of free goodies on this blog. Make sure miss nothing by adding yourself to the Priority Notification List below:
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  1. Anonymous

    I am excited about I just want to confirm that I will be able to follow lessons, etc. on my i-pad. It was mentioned, but thought that I would check anyways!

  2. Yes, you can access the site via your iPad and the videos are compatible with iDevices. You'll just need an internet connection similar to YouTube

  3. Yes, you can access the site via your iPad and the videos are compatible with iDevices. You'll just need an internet connection similar to YouTube

  4. Hello Art Tutors,
    I don't seem to be receiving the emails you've been sending, even though I'm on the Priority Notification List. My friend Frances Stecyk has been forwarding your emails to me so that I can keep up, but I'd appreciate relieving her of this responsibility.
    Would you help, please.


  5. Anonymous

    Will they have challenges for all different levels of painters? I'm a novice painter using Acrylics.

  6. This is an exciting opportunity to start in any medium with excellent guidance. I can't wait to sign up.

  7. I really enjoy your videos since I've not had the opportunity to attend art classes. I've since I was a child had several written courses in drawing, painting, design and, and. But it's not the same. Your methods seem very promising and I'm looking forward to dive into your art world. One of the biggest advantages is that I can be anywhere in the world and still attend my art tutor.

    I believe I've already entered your priority list and will of course sign up as soon as you are ready.

    Anne E

  8. I just want to ask if Art Tutor is only providing foundation courses or does it provide for every level of expertise? Thank you very much!

  9. I'm looking forward to improving my technique and develop some confidence.
    Thank you for coming up with this idea. I think it's great.

  10. I already own Watercolor and Acrylic Secrets by Bob Davies, and also the florals series you recently offered. Will these be the main body of your videos on acrylics and watercolors in the course? If so, will a discount be offered to those who've already purchased this part of the course?

  11. All of lessons within ArtTutor (several hundred) are brand new so owners of Watercolour Secrets or Acrylic Secrets won't just be seeing the same lessons.

    There are a range of lessons for all levels of ability. For example, the watercolour lessons by Rob Dudley are aimed at intermediate to advanced watercolourists

    1. iuliana

      Hi Phil , still I don"t know what I have to do to subscribe to this , please let me know

  12. I beleive i registered my interest already. Do i have to do that again so i can sign up for the annual subscription when the site goes live? One more question can you post what the annual sub. will be

    Bon ventura
    Roy DB

  13. Lydia Eaton

    I don't receive your emails. But my friend does why is this do you think?

  14. Anonymous

    Do your videos on watercolours include the material we have to buy?


  15. Anonymous

    can videos bedown loaded chriss

  16. Shoni

    I'm very excited about this. I hope it gets up and running soon. Please let me know as soon as it does. Brilliant idea!

  17. I can't wait to join ArtTutor! Looking forward to opening day. Thanks. - alan

  18. Anonymous

    Thank u very much . I love ur lessons . They r very helpful .I'm so glad to join ArtTutor.
    Jinan from Iraq

  19. Anonymous

    I have trouble watching videos on the internet as my broadband speed is so slow. Will I be able to download lessons to watch later. I'm afraid I won't be signing up if I can't.

    1. Hi,

      Every video is available in low, standard, or high definition to cater for differing Internet connection speeds.

  20. Hello, Art Tutors.
    Can you tell me about payment options.?

  21. Anonymous

    hello really looking forwards to trying out more of your lessons, i will be joining can you let me know when i can do this. keep up the great work. many thanks Gloria

  22. Wow!! I can't wait!! I feel that I have gained confidence and have improved a bit with the lessons on here comes art tutor blog. This is exactly what I need to inspire me to try new techniques, as I tend to be very traditional in my thinking, and I feel limited in the results of my paintings. The instruction on watercolor has been fantastic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I look forward to more, more, more...