Tuesday, June 26, 2012

VIDEO #3 - Lilac Love by Marion Dutton

In this lesson professional art tutor Marion Dutton takes us through a romantic beach scene in oils.  This is a great lesson for beginners because it uses the wet-in-wet oils technique (no waiting days for various layers to dry) and it's a real favourite with students in her private art classes.

If you're new to oils or if it's a medium that you've shied away from because of the perceived mess and drying times, do give this painting a go.  

Title: Lilac Love
Medium: Oils
Artist: Marion Dutton
Level: Beginner
Duration: 49 minutes


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I hope you enjoyed this video. It's just one of dozens you'll find on ArtTutor.com, due to launch in July. 

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Other Lessons From Marion
Marion has also filmed quite a number of other lessons (landscapes, florals and figures), which will be released on ArtTutor.com throughout the the summer and autumn of 2012.


  1. Bryan

    It would have been nice to see the brushes used at the start

  2. Anonymous

    Marion, just wonderful to see you on this site!! Karen from ACI.

  3. Anonymous

    thanks Marion for the seascape. Am i correct in saying you are using the Bob Ross method in oils ? as it looks very much like that as I have done some paintings before using the Bob Ross method.Regards, John

  4. Detta

    Marion, thanks for sharing.
    I love you're style of painting, and learned a lot today.

  5. I really liked how detailed you made your methods . Makes life a whole lot easier

  6. Anonymous

    Thank u very much Marion.Very nice painting, Jinan from Iraq