Tuesday, June 26, 2012

VIDEO #2 - Reminiscing by Steve Ormerod

In this video Steve recreates parts of an unbelievable portrait of a Greek national lady in coloured pencil.  

The challenge when filming artwork like this is that is can take tens of hours to produce, and even the most passionate student doesn't have the time or inclination to watch for that length of time...

So we had Steve reproduce 3 small key areas of the painting (the left cheek/eye area, the hair, and the background).  The result is that you get all the instruction without having to sit for hours, and seeing the original piece permanently on camera gives you that sense of completion.

I've added the first video (set up and materials) and the eye/cheek area video below.  I hope you find it both fascinating and instructive. 

Title: Reminiscing
Medium: Coloured Pencils
Artist: Steve Ormerod
Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Duration: 7min (part 1) and 23 min  (part 2)

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Other Lessons From Steve
Steve has also filmed two other lesson for us using a similar format: Ocean Dreams and Matty, both equally as stunning I'm sure you'll agree...


  1. I'm more familiar with Prismacolor Colored Pencils. Do you know how these 2 brands compare? I loved your inspirational tutorial, I'm ready to get started again.

  2. Anonymous

    You are a marvelous teacher, generous, gental, fantastic!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to sharing your talent , Sometime ago I started to painting my parents portrait and couldn't fnish it because I just am descoraged.. and in need for help...
    Many thanks

  3. I found your lesson to be very good. I find it strange how you can work with your lead so dull and thick.

  4. Inspiring me to take up the pencils again. Many thanks.

  5. Kaja


  6. Anonymous

    Very interesting.

  7. duvfthr-terri

    after many years , i picked up drawing @ painting again and this site is just what i needed to refresh my mind.thank you! i am coming back to life!!!!yours truely dovefeather-terri

  8. I'm inspired! Thankyou so much. Rebecca (Australia)

  9. I have tried colour pencils of a different brand and found they were too waxy and could not blend the colours much, now after watching your video, I know the brand makes all the difference.
    I will be purchasing some of these and have another go.
    Thanks for the tutorial, your an inspiration.

  10. Alison, generally the more wax the better a pencil will blend, try Derwent pencils, the Colour soft range are softer but the Artist or the Studio range all blend beautifully with or without a colourless blender. There are some great tutorials on the Derwent website. The American Prismacolour range are also great pencils but here in Australia much more expensive. There are some great Color Pencil books out there as well. All the best with your pencils. Rick

  11. Anonymous

    It is a great job .Many many thanks Steve for sharing ur talent.Jinan from Iraq

  12. All the contributions are fantastic..I am now glued to Steve's coloured pencil demonstration of the Greek woman and cant wait for the next installment!

  13. martine

    very interesting and easy to follow instruction. I have a tin of Coloursoft pencils which I haven't even tried out yet....so now I feel inspired to do so! I usually work in oils or soft pastels, so this will be something new for me. However, I am always up for a challenge! Looking forward to the next instalment of this demo!

  14. Jan

    Steve I was amazed that so much can be achieved with coloured pencils,beautifull work.

  15. I am impressed by Steve Ormerod's work with pencils. This video moved me, I need to try the pencils. The detailed tehniques are amazing. The wrinkels and the hair are the most difficult part for me.

  16. Anonymous

    Rugnis - Poland