Wednesday, June 27, 2012


At we hold lots of things in high regard: art (you'll be pleased to know), tea breaks (with biscuits) and improving.

Improvement is the backbone of - we wouldn't be here if we didn't think you could use it to get better!

We have lots of ways to help you do this: the instruction (you can see some of the videos in our last post), the supportive community (more on that shortly), and our monthly challenges.

We'll be running competitions every month (with real prizes!) to give you a bit of an incentive to get your paints and pencils out and see what you can really do!

So to give you a little taste of what's to come we've created 3 challenges for you to have a go at. There's a real incentive too - we'll choose 3 winners per challenge and they will each get a voucher for $50 dollars (or the equivalent in your currency) for a major online art store.

Challenge #1: Movement
Gavin Mayhew's art is inspired by movement and he's been sharing some of his expertise with us.  Watch his video - An Introduction to Movement in Art (Part 1) - and have a go at recreating one of the following two images using his techniques.

Challenge #2: Watercolour Line and Wash
Joanne Thomas is a fantastic watercolourist and her loose style has proved really popular with those who bought her DVD on Expressive Watercolour Florals. Watch her video - Watercolour Line and Wash - and then have a go at one of the following images using the techniques she talks about.


Challenge #3: Palette Knife 
Bob Davies has been hard at work on our foundation courses because we think it's really important that you have a good grounding of the basics.  Watch his video on using a palette knife, and then use the techniques to have a go at one of the following mountain scenes.



Ok, so if you're interested, here's what to do:
  • The closing date for entries is Sunday 8th July. We'll announce the winners on Monday 9th July.
  • E-mail us a photograph of your artwork remembering to state your name and which challenge you are entering.
  • Send all entries to
  • We'll reply within 24 hours of receiving your entry just to confirm we've got it. If you don't get a reply, send us it again (you may have mistyped the e-mail address).
  • Please include your full name in your e-mail. 
  • We only accept one entry per challenge but you can enter all of the different challenges if you want.
  • We'll create a gallery of all entries on this blog, which we'll update every day.
Good luck and happy painting!


  1. Great

  2. Anonymous

    Can't wait to give this a go

  3. Anonymous

    it's great. thank you bob.


  4. Anonymous

    What a wonderful forum...I look forward to the challenges !


  5. Anonymous

    That is a really wonderful idea !
    Thank you Bob ! (and all your team...)
    Pierre (from France)

  6. Phyllis

    What a great idea and a fantastic learning experience! THANKS!

  7. I'm in love with this website. Thank you for all your instructions and for keeping us motivated with these great challenges. Art Tutor is the best!

  8. Anonymous

    I am a beginning at painting, and just a small notch above that with learning to draw period. I am looking forward to this site so I can get back to studying and 'doing' with my artistic aspirations. I can't wait for full launch of this website!

  9. Anonymous

    This sounds fantastic and I am really enjoying watching all the videos etc and getting really inspired .. once I get settled into my new home first thing out will be my art stuff as I have dedicated a little area for me to enjoy my painting etc I am rusty as I have not painted etc for over 20 years and this forum will be the encouragement I need to keep them out once out .. so well done to you all and I look forward to the launch :D

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of entries for this. Some nice prizes and everyone has a good chance of winning, no matter your level. Bob.

  11. Constance

    I Love the Art Tutor. I am learning alot. I always know
    there is something wrong in my painting but can never
    figure it out.
    Your criticism will really help me to see where I am going wrong.
    Thank You Bob!!!

  12. I loved the line and wash technique and LOVE JoAnne's tutorials as much as I love yours...cant wait to give this a try! thanks from Pam

  13. Love this site. as i have never painted in my life and now that i am older thought i would give it a go. love the lesson on palette painting.